New beta drivers from ATi

New beta drivers from ATi

'What nVidia can do, we can do for a long time', thought the driver programmers at ATi and shortly after the release of the first DirectX 9 compatible driver 'Catalyst 3.0' added another briquette, so that now the first beta driver of the new Catalyst 3.0 series has been leaked. have a mirror for the new drivers in version 6275 for WindowsXP/2000 and 9081 for Windows9x/ME. This time there is also a separate matching control panel in version 7.83.

The download sizes have normalized a bit through this separation, so that for the drivers between 6.17MB for WindowsXP/2000 and 7.23MB for Windows9X/ME, to which the control panel with a good 11MB is added.

An exchange of experiences about these drivers is possible in our forum .

Attention: Since this is a BETA driver, installation is at your own risk!


The drivers from the mirror have recently been on disappeared. This seems to have happened at ATi's request, as it was a special developer driver that was only distributed among the volunteer developers for test purposes. In normal operation, however, there should have been some problems, so that ATi was prompted to urgently request that these drivers not be published.