New beta drivers from ATi for Windows XP

New beta drivers from ATi for Windows XP

There are new unofficial beta drivers from ATi for all graphics cards with a Radeon chip. This time the version 6058 for Windows XP got online, the colleagues from Warp2Search also tested the new drivers right away.

The new drivers were able to achieve a little more performance, for example with an ATi Radeon 8500 im 3DMark 2001 SE achieved almost 200 points more.

The drivers have undergone the following changes compared to the previous version:

  • Driver dated March 31st, 2002
  • Direct3D core file version: 3280 (up from 3250 in the 6052 set)
  • OpenGL core file version: 3062 (up from 3031 in the 6052 set)
  • Desktop version: 6.13 .10.3001
  • Theater Mode box present
  • Rotation tab present by default
  • General revision number 7.70

The download is As usual locally possible with us.