New ATi beta drivers for Windows XP

New ATi beta drivers for Windows XP

The last beta has not yet been tried by everyone, the next beta version of the Radeon graphics card driver for Windows XP is already coming. In this beta, at least the version numbers have changed a lot, but more details are not yet known.

Here is a short list of the changes:

  • D3D core file version: 3250 (up from 3232 in the 6043 set)
  • OpenGL core file version: 3031 (up from 3008 in the 6043 set)
  • Desktop Version: (same as the 6043 set )
  • Theater Mode box back in the Overlay tab
  • Rotation tab present by default
  • General revision number 7.69

The new drivers support all Radeon chips, including the Mobile Radeon. You can discuss your experiences with the new beta in our forum . The download is possible from us as usual.