New ALi Integrated driver 1.07

New ALi Integrated driver 1.07

ALi has made new drivers available for its chipsets, which are suitable for all mainboards with ALi chipset and Windows operating system. Almost all of the drivers included have been updated, but some only for individual Windows versions.

Of course, important is the update of the AGP driver and the IDE driver, the latter mainly for Windows 2K and XP. The drivers for the infrared interface have also been updated, both for Windows 98, 98SE, 2K and XP.

The following Northbridges are supported:

M1541, M1621, M1631, M1632M, M1641 , M1644, M1646, M1647, M1649, M1651, M1671, M1672

and these Southbridges:

M1543C, M1535, M1535D, M1535 +, M1535D +

The download is possible with us as usual.