New 32x burners from MSI and Mitsumi

New 32x burners from MSI and Mitsumi

Both MSI and Mitsumi are coming onto the market with new 32x burners. The MS-8332 from MSI is the very first burner from MSI and can read CDs at 40x speed, write CD-Rs at up to 32x and CD-RWs at up to 12x speed.

The 'ExacLink' Technology prevents any buffer underruns. The 'Enhanced Adaptive Control (EAC)' is intended to achieve a high level of writing precision, as the writing speed can be variably adjusted. In addition, the burner can also write 790 MB and therefore 90 minutes long blanks. The MS-8332 will be available in stores for 115 euros in a few weeks.

The CR 480A TE from Mitsumi goes one step further and is the first burner ever to meet the guidelines of the Mount Rainer Group. It was the first burner to pass the Mount Rainer test suite and should sooner or later replace the good old floppy disk drives. The Mount Rainer Test Suite tests whether the burner can write to CD-RWs in packets and format them quickly. In addition, burners that meet the specifications of the Mount Rainer Group should also be able to deal with faulty memory blocks on a CD-RW, as hard drives do. In order to be able to use this technology now, however, one still has to access tools such as' Nero InCD 3.x 'or' Write CD RW! Access Pro 3.0 'from SAI. Support by the operating systems is planned, but will not be available until a patch for WindowsXP will be available at the earliest.