Netscape development ends in February 2008

Netscape development ends in February 2008

On February 1, 2008, the development of all browsers under the Netscape flag will be finally stopped. Netscape recommends that users switch to Mozilla Firefox. This is not surprising, after all, since version 6, all Netscape browsers were based on the Mozilla Suite or Mozilla Firefox.

At the time AOL took over Netscape in 1999, the Netscape developers were already working on the Once a proprietary Netscape Communicator suite consisting of a browser, mail client and composer for creating websites, it was to be converted into an open source project under the name Mozilla. Long before Mozilla 1.0 was released in June 2002, AOL pushed ahead with Netscape 6, based on the same source code, in November 2000 - but received mostly negative reviews due to the inertia of the browser at the time.

Even after the Mozilla Foundation was founded in 2003, AOL was more or less continuously releasing new Netscape versions. Most recently, Netscape 9.0 was released on October 15th, but as a consequence of the shrunken development team, it could not be described as more than Firefox including a skin and a few standard extensions. Since Netscape 9.0 was unable to regain any substantial market share and the Mozilla Foundation was extremely successful with Firefox development, Netscape development will now be stopped for good.

The remaining Netscape users will be given a switch on Mozilla Firefox to my heart. If you don't want to do without the Netscape theme and the Firefox extensions developed by Netscape, you can download them as Firefox addons . Since no security gaps in Netscape browsers will be closed after February 1st, users should follow the recommendation to switch to Mozilla Firefox as soon as possible.


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