Netscape 7.01 integrates popup blockers

Netscape 7.01 integrates popup blockers

One could almost think that Netscape had taken our criticism to heart, because with the first preview release of Netscape 7.0 we complained that the Mozilla-based browser was not able to suppress advertising popups, which is no longer possible is the case.

As in Netscape 7.0 PR1 , the mentioned popup blocker was not included in the final version 7.0, but it was in the 7.01 version released today. Netscape has even devoted its own menu entry to the pop-up blocker in the settings under 'Privacy and security'. In the end, Netscape seems to have reacted to the interests of its customers and not to its own commercial demands.

With the pop-up control, you can determine yourself how often and whether different websites send you pop-ups. The feature must be activated within the settings of Netscape 7.0. Additional setting options allow you to allow or suppress pop-ups from individual websites. To do this, select the 'Popup Window' menu from the 'Edit'/'Settings'/'Privacy & Security' menu.

It is surprising that the 'About Netscape' page indicates the browser core Mozilla 1.02 from 11/20/2002 is doing its job under the hood, but this version has not yet appeared on . This seems to be a preliminary version, but since Mozilla 1.02 will be a pure bugfix release, this shouldn't be a tragedy.

Thanks to our reader Szeboh for reporting this news!

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