Netscape 6.2.3 released

Netscape 6.2.3 released

Completely surprising has appeared on the Netscape FTP server version 6.2.3 of the Netscape browser. The download is also available in German, but is currently not linked anywhere, which suggests that not much could have been done to the innards.

This release is surprising because, despite various inconsistencies, Mozilla 1.0 can be expected in the next few weeks, on which version 7 of Netscape's browser software is supposed to be based. We can only speculate about the changes at the moment. It is possible that version 6.2.3 has fixed the bug that was uncovered a few days ago in a current Mozilla version and also affects the current Netscape release. As the screenshot below shows, Mozilla 0.94 is still working under the hood. A version of the open source browser that has now been around for over half a year. Whether the download is worthwhile cannot yet be said, among other things because Netscape 7.0 has not yet been officially confirmed.

Netscape 6.2.3 is still based on Mozilla 0.94