Netgear recalls Ethernet adapter XE103

Netgear recalls Ethernet adapter XE103

Netgear today announced the voluntary recall of its Powerline Ethernet adapters of the type XE103 in the version for Europe and countries with 220–240 volts mains voltage. The recall also applies to products that are sold individually or together with other products in a bundle.

Estimated 82,000 of these products have been sold worldwide to date. Products sold in North America or other countries with 110-120 volts mains voltage are not affected. Tests that Netgear had carried out with the affected Powerline Ethernet adapter have shown that an operating state can occur in which an integrated semiconductor circuit can malfunction in networks with 220-240 volts mains voltage. As a result, the product can overheat and fail. Netgear has no information that the possible malfunction would have resulted in personal injury or property damage. Nevertheless, for reasons of product integrity and quality, Netgear has decided to carry out a recall.

Netgear XE103

Netgear therefore asks its customers to immediately stop using the affected products, disconnect the product from the mains and contact Netgear for information on how the product is can be returned to Netgear and exchanged for a replacement product. For this purpose, contact numbers have been set up - and registration via the Internet is possible .