Napster's filter mechanisms are not effective

Napster's filter mechanisms are not effective

According to information from Jupiter Media Metrix, the decline in Napster users in March of this year was less than initially expected. In the US, the number of Napster users fell from 15.2 million in February to 12.1 million in March. It is also noticeable that outside the USA the number of users has remained almost the same at 29.4 million.

The reason for this is the malfunctioning copyright protection mechanisms that Napster recently introduced. Many copyright-protected songs can still be exchanged with users from all over the world without any problems. That is why judge Marylin Hall Patel has threatened the music exchange platform Napster with a complete closure if the filter mechanisms do not become more effective.

However, Napster will soon introduce the rights management system from DWS (Digital World Services), a Bertelsmann subsidiary , which should have a 'better' effect than the previous measures to protect copyright.