Names for Canterwood and Springdale revealed

Names for Canterwood and Springdale revealed

The code names for the upcoming motherboard chipsets from Intel, which should finally give the Pentium 4 a two-channel connection of the memory, have been buzzing around for some time. Even if the presentation is still a long way off, the 'newcomers' now have an official name.

Der Canterwood , Intel's new high-end chipset, which will replace the i850E, will be called the i875P. The chip giant will stick to its established naming scheme for the desktop segment, while chipsets for workstations will continue to be recognized by a preceding 'E'. For example the E7205, which for a long time did its laps under the code name Granite Bay. For the entire Springdale family , Intel has provided i865 as a number, a letter after it serves as a further differentiation as before. The Springdale-G with integrated graphics will accordingly be called i865G, and there will also be the Springdale-P i865P and Springdale-PE i865PE.

  • Brookdale: i845
  • Tehama : i850
  • Springdale: i865
  • Canterwood: i875

Except for the i845P, all upcoming chipsets will have a front-side bus of 800 MHz and support a memory clock of 200 MHz (DDR400) and are therefore ideally suited for the upcoming Pentium 4 processors and the successor, known for some time under the code name Prescott .