Multi-channel sound cards from Philips for beginners

Multi-channel sound cards from Philips for beginners

Philips has announced new sound cards for December. With the new devices, Philips promises high-quality multi-channel sound at an entry-level price. According to Philips, the cards are the only cards on the market that can generate real 4.1 and 5.1 sound even from 2-channel stereo sources.

Philips describes the new technology as follows:

The innovative digital sound processing of the sound cards is based on the QMSS technology developed by Philips. Thanks to QMSS, the sound 'landscape' of DVD films, for example, sounds more balanced and natural than in many standard multi-channel productions, where the rear channels are always mixed for a large cinema audience. QMSS also calculates additional surround sound channels for games in order to enable the desired spatial localization.

The cards will be equipped with S/PDIF inputs and outputs and thus enable completely digital listening pleasure. Special software, the 'Sound Agent 2', should also improve the playback of pieces of music. QSizzle and QRumble increase the sound quality of MP3 data, especially in high and low pitches, and a 10-band equalizer ensures adaptation to the local conditions.

The cards come in a 4.1 and a 5.1 version and should go on sale in December.

  • Philips Sonic Edge (5.1): 49.90 euros
  • Philips Dynamic Edge (4.1): 29.90 euros