MSI announces GeForce4 MX440

MSI announces GeForce4 MX440

After a press release from MSI that was sent too early yesterday came out, there was the next one today, in which two graphics cards based on the GeForce 4 MX440 chip were announced. Here, too, the date of notification is February 6, 2002.

These are the G4MX440-T and G4MX440-VTP models, which are equipped with AGP 4x, a filling rate of 1.1 billion samples/sec and a memory bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s. Both cards have 64 MB DDR-RAM, which is clocked with 400 MHz, the NV17-GPU with 0.15 µ technology is operated with 270 MHz. The G4MX440-VTP also has 'dual VGA output', hardware monitoring, twin bios and ViVo connections. As with the TI models, MSI also includes a game package with the following titles:

  • No One lives forever (full version)
  • Aquanox (full version)
  • Sacrifice (full version)
  • 7in1 game pack with many interesting light games

The G4MX440-VTP model also gets software for MPEG1 + 2 encoding, a video editing software and a software DVD player placed in the package. Both models should be available from mid-February and cost € 160 (G4MX440-T) and € 170 (G4MX440-VTP).

MSI GeForce4 MX440