Mozilla 1.0 RC2 ironed out crash bugs

Mozilla 1.0 RC2 ironed out crash bugs

In contrast to the previously published versions, the changelog of the second Mozilla 1.0 release candidate is rather sparse. On the one hand, this is due to the short period of time since RC1 and, on the other hand, the focus on ironing out the bugs that caused a crash.

A total of 15 of the most frequently reported crash bugs were found and fixed 10 situations where Mozilla would simply freeze. We owe this to the TalkBack reports, via which the browser sends the developers an error description should the browser unexpectedly say goodbye. In addition, a recently discovered security hole was fixed, which made it possible to read any files or even the content of an entire directory on the client. Curiously, the exact same vulnerability was discovered in Microsoft's Internet Explorer last December and then fixed in late February 2002. The developers do not seem to have believed that this bug could also be contained in the Mozilla browser. The discoverers of the bug in the Mozilla browser alerted Netscape to this problem via an email on April 24th, but 6 days after sending it did not even get a response, which is why they decided to publish the bug. As already mentioned, this bug has now been fixed in RC2.

Otherwise there is little spectacular to report. In addition to the ability to deactivate cookies in Mozilla Mail, the behavior for elements in the hover and active state has also been revised. Take, for example, the div element and assign it the background color blue when you hover over the mouse. Now you place another div element in this div element and assign it a certain reaction to the mouse hover state. If you moved the mouse over the inner div element in an older version of Mozilla than Release Candidate 2, theHover effect of the higher-level element incorrectly ignored.

If you are interested in further changes, you should read the complete changelog .

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