Mozilla 1.0 Final released

Mozilla 1.0 Final released

After the release date of Mozilla 1.0 was pushed back again and again, the wait is now over. Hardly any changes have been made to the code for a few days, in contrast to Release Candidate 3 there are only various bug fixes.

In addition to the actual development, a lot of attention has also been paid to the 'trappings'. The new entry page offers links to download themes as well as plug-ins and some other useful things when the browser is started. From now on, both Mozilla 1.1 and 1.0.x versions will be developed, the latter of which will probably mainly be devoted to fixing bugs. According to the current roadmap, the release of Mozilla 1.1 is planned for the beginning of August, so it will be interesting to see whether the plan can be adhered to this time. Netscape will soon release version 7 of its Mozilla-based browser suite, which, however, as we recently found out using the RC1 , has some useful functions, such as preventing automatic pop-up Windows, should be cropped.

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