Mozilla 0.99 with interesting innovations

Mozilla 0.99 with interesting innovations

The Mozilla project released the last version with a zero before the period yesterday evening ten days late. This should become the basis for version 1.0, which should be published according to the previous roadmap in April.

One of the new things is that the MathML extension is now activated by default if the operating system supports it. MathML is a definition of the W3C to represent mathematical formulas on the web. The developers have also prepared a test page . However, this is only displayed perfectly after you have installed the two font packages available here.

If you are interested in the forms, links, media elements or security information contained on a page, you will get all kinds of information in the newly designed dialog under 'View'> 'Page Info'. In addition, the editable page display introduced in version 0.98 has now been made much more convenient when printing using drop-down menus, so that even less experienced users should be able to find their way around the 'Page Setup' dialog. And the Mozilla developers have now come to terms with one thing that other browsers have been offering for a long time. Now, if necessary, you can also enjoy a full-screen view in which only the most important navigation elements are displayed.

An interesting new function for suppressing unwanted popups can currently only be achieved by editing the prefs.js. If you enter the line

user_pref ('dom.disable_open_click_delay', 1000);

with the Mozilla browser closed, all popup windows that are generated via Javascript code in Image Tags are called, suppressed if more than 1000ms have passed since the last mouse click (hence the 1000 in the code!).

ForJavascript programmers should be interested in the possibility to use the integrated debugger to examine the scripts for speed, among other things. To do this, start the 'Javascript Debugger' via the 'Tasks'> 'Tools' menu, in which the 'Collect Profile Data' option is then activated under 'Profile'. All Javascript functions executed in Mozilla from this point on are logged and can be saved in various formats with a click on 'Profile'> 'Save Profile Data As'.

The email provided was also improved Application which, similar to Outlook Express, is immediately noticeable with an icon in the taskbar when new mails are received and whose address book has been given an improved search function. In addition, support for the IMAP standard has been expanded so that it is now close to completion.

Overall has So the Mozilla project made another big step towards the final version. However, the fact that more bugs are currently being reported than are being fixed and that a question mark appeared in the official roadmap at the release date of version 1.0 is again a bit skeptical. Some of these bugs are certainly false and double reports, but they also need to be identified first. Since the developers have denied that there will be other versions before the final, it remains to be seen whether Mozilla 1.0 lives up to its name or whether it is 'just' another step on the way to a fully developed browser that but without a doubt it is already practicable.