Mozilla 0.98 released

Mozilla 0.98 released

With the release of Mozilla 0.98, the alternative browser takes another step towards the long-awaited version 1.0. According to the roadmap, we could have written this news over a week ago, more precisely on January 25th, 2002, but obviously there were some delays.

But after all, people like to wait a little longer for software if it does then no more annoying bugs. The most eye-catching innovation in this version, at least for owners of Windows XP or Mac OS X, is the appearance that has been adapted to the system standard. However, this only applies if you are using the Classic skin. The modern style, which most people are more familiar with from Netscape 6.x, still cooks its own soup here. In addition, it should now be possible to change the skin while it is running, i.e. without restarting the browser. However, this feature is not yet fully developed and so it can happen that you come across one or the other bug.

From now on Mozilla supports the graphic format MNG (pronounced 'Ming'), which is an extension of PNG. It should also be interesting for webmasters that the browser no longer searches for a favicon in the root directory of the web space in the standard configuration. So you are forced to put a further line of code in the head area of ​​the HTML page.

Another very interesting innovation is hidden behind the item 'Page Setup' in the 'File' menu. In addition to the standard distances between the page content and the window edge and the scaling of the display, you can now also set what should be in the header and footer of each page when printing.

Code for the 'Page Setup'
code function & T page title & U address (URL) of the page& D date & P page & PT page in relation to the total number of pages

In addition, friends of the included composer will be pleased about the support of style sheets for page design. Further improvements concerned the address book, the speed of which has increased dramatically and some features have been added.

If everything goes as the development team imagines, we should be able to expect version 1.0 as early as the beginning of April, after the March still Mozilla 0.99 will do the round eim net.

The Classic Skin in XP look
The modern skin
Version info Mozilla 0.98
New options: Page Setup