Mouse for Speed-Link players

Mouse for Speed-Link players

The company Jöllenbeck, which specializes in peripherals, presents the Speed-Link Styx, an ergonomic gaming mouse for right-handers that has seven individually adjustable buttons. The mouse's laser sensor, dubbed “Speed ​​of Light”, offers an image resolution of 2200 dpi.

The Styx comes with a Multiple fire mode equipped. It enables the player to fire multiple bursts with just one push of a button. Switching to multiple fire mode is done with the help of the F key. If the mouse wheel lights up red, the mode is active - two shots are automatically fired one after the other for each key press. Pressing the F button again increases the rate of fire by one shot. A maximum of four shots can be fired automatically one after the other. The color of the mouse wheel indicates the number of bursts of fire. Red stands for two bursts of fire per button press, blue for three and purple for four.

Speed -Link Styx

By pressing a button, the player can choose a dpi setting between 800, 1600 and 2200 dpi directly on the mouse. The integrated LED lights show the current dpi resolution during operation. The macro key enables the player to record individual keys or entire key combinations. In addition, particularly smooth mouse feet should ensure precise control. The Speed-Link Styx is now available in stores at the recommended retail price of 34.99 euros, but first dealers are already listing it as deliverable from 27.50 euros .