Motherboard chipsets in 2001

Motherboard chipsets in 2001

Like this one, there will be all kinds of new chipsets for Intel and AMD processors next year.

You can see what chipsets to expect from the following tables:

Chipsets for the AMD Athlon or Duron in the coming year
Manufacturer chipset appears Memory Important features AMD AMD-760 Q1 DDR - ALi MAGiK 1 Q1 DDR - SiS SiS735 Q1 DDR - AMD AMD-760MP Q2 DDR Dual -Processor support VIA KT266 Q2 DDR - NVidia Crush12 Q2 DDR onBoard graphics (NV11) Micron Mamba Q3 DDR onBoard 8MB L3 Cache ALi M1667 Q4 DDR AGP 8x API Caspian? DDR dual processor support Micron Shotgun? DDR onBoard graphics ATI ArtX3? DDR onBoard graphics NVidia Crush18? DDR onBoard graphics (NV17)

A chipset highlight should definitely be the dual processor chipset from AMD, which has been expected for some time. NVidia's first motherboard chipset should also cause quite a stir.

Chipsets for the Intel Pentium III or Celeron in the coming year
Manufacturer chipset appears Memory Important features VIA Apollo Pro266 Q1 DDR Dual -Processor SiS SiS635 Q1 DDR - VIA Apollo Pro266T Q2 DDR dual processor ALi Aladdin Pro 5 Q2 DDR - Intel i815 B-Step Q2 DDR - Micron Copperhead? DDR dual processor Serverworks HE-SL? DDR dual processor ATI ArtX2? DDR onBoard graphics

There won't be quite that many new chipsets for Intel's Pentium III and Celeron. With thei815 B-Stepping, Intel only fulfills its duty and expands the chipset to include support for the Intel Tualatin, but Intel will not provide DDR-SDRAM support for the 370 socket Intel Pentium 4 in the coming year

Manufacturer Chipset Appears Memory Important Features Intel Brookdale Q3 DDR - VIA PX266 Q4 DDR - SiS SiS645 Q4 DDR - ALi M1661 Q4 DDR AGP 8x

With Intel's Brookdale chipset, a new version of the Pentium 4 is introduced, as the Brookdale lays the foundation for Socket 478. It supports cheap SDRAM instead of Rambus. However, Brookdale is not planning to support DDR SDRAM until the beginning of 2002.