Morpheus can no longer be used for the time being

Morpheus can no longer be used for the time being

Many will have already noticed: Since Tuesday evening of this week, many users of the Morpheus exchange platform were no longer able to connect to the network. The reason for this is a technology update by a software provider, which results in incompatibility with the Morpheus software.

This makes the service unusable, only a new version of Morpheus will help. This unplanned action forces Musiccity to work harder on a new version. In the next few days, a version called 'Preview Edition' is to appear, which should make the service usable again. However, an exact date has not yet been set, the only thing that helps is to visit the Musiccity homepage regularly.

We appreciate our users' loyalty to the Morpheus product and are committed to providing you with the best peer-to-peer network in the world. We appreciate your patience during this short transition. Please check back for exact availability to download the new Morpheus Preview Edition ....