Morpheus released

Morpheus released

As we reported on Wednesday, the popular music exchange platform Morpheus was no longer available to the majority of users since Tuesday evening. The announced 'Preview Edition', which should fix this problem, has now been officially released.

Further innovations are in a very stylish interface that took getting used to and the maximum possible search results were deprived of their limit of 200. From now on, an unlimited number of results can be displayed.

The new Morpheus Preview Edition This new software product uses a different method of connecting and searching for information. There are several key differences. Two of the main advantages are the ability to search both the WWW and the world wide Morpheus/Gnutella Network. In addition, the number of search results has been increased from 200 to an unlimited number. Our Catalog City shopping allows you to purchase virtually anything online.

Many thanks to lab | wolli for the tip!