More than a billion PCs shipped worldwide

More than a billion PCs shipped worldwide

According to market researchers from Gart Dataquest, the one billionth PC was shipped worldwide in April 2002. All PCs are meant here. The ratio of PCs in private households to professional use is 25:75.

In contrast, the proportion of desktop PCs is around 81.5 percent and the proportion of laptops is only 16.4 percent. Servers only account for 2.1 percent. 25 percent of the PCs fell on the Western European market. In June there were already exactly 1,014,217,000 pieces that were shipped.

Here is a detailed list of the distribution:

Region Number of pieces (x1000) Share (%) USA 393,648 38.8 Western Europe 249,269 24.6 Asia/Pacific 118,811 11.7 Japan 91,712 9.0 Latin America 41,527 4.1 Other regions 119,248 11.8

For the delivery of the second The market researchers from Gart Dataquest estimate one billion in the years 2007/2008. The rapid increase in just a short time is mainly triggered by the increasing demand for PCs in China, India, Eastern Europe and Latin America.