More about the T-DSL flat rate

More about the T-DSL flat rate

After the abolition of the minimum contract period for the T-DSL flat rate caused memories of the procedure for the ISDN flat rate to come up, a T-Online spokesman now clarifies the matter a little.

The starting point for ISDN and ADSL is completely different. This affects both the capacities and the conditions on which T-Online purchases the services from the parent company. With the abolition of the minimum contract term, the aim is simply to keep up with the general market trend. In addition, the spokesman emphasized that T-Online is relying on faster connections for end customers and 'it would be counterproductive to set the appropriate tariff'.

However, it is certainly not for the 'Internet location Germany' just productively setting the flat rate for standard connections, which raises the question of why the government, which still holds the majority in Telekom, has not got involved in the matter. Incidentally, the statement of the T-Online spokesman does not coincide with that of an alleged worker in this industry, who claimed a few days ago that T-Online wants to discontinue the T-DSL flat rate and introduce volume and time-based tariffs for it. This person referred to the “very good bush radio in the industry”.