Moorhuhn Kart will be available for download from Monday

Moorhuhn Kart will be available for download from Monday

The Fun-Racer Moorhuhn-Kart announced at the beginning of the year should be available for download from next Monday, November 18th. For the impatient, there are already some screenshots and a trailer available, albeit small ones.

In the by According to the manufacturer Phenomedia, you will meet old friends like the snowman from Moorhuhn 2 and the Lesshuhn from Moorhuhn 3, which, like the most famous poultry on the Internet, of course, are behind each other personally Set tax. According to the information on , where the game will be exclusively available for download, it is worthwhile giving your first and last name as well as your email address there you can supposedly start the download earlier. It remains to be seen whether you will only save the time for registration on Monday or whether you will actually be put up on the waiting list. At least you don't have to register for the official trailer . However, this seems to be designed solely to fuel the Moorhuhn hype, because you don't get to see anything of the actual game.

By Monday at the latest, we will know whether Phenomedia has made the leap into 3D -World has successfully completed. Many people will be divided on the screenshots published in April, but it is well known that you do not look in the mouth of a gift horse ...

Desert as far as the eye can see
Slippery ice cave
Extraordinarily generously sized gravel bed ;-)
Scramble for positions
The frog works somehow distracted ... ;-)
The mountain lacks any details