Mobile Thoroughbred is here

Mobile Thoroughbred is here

As with the introduction of the Palomino core, the new Thoroughbred core, manufactured in 0.13 µm, will first do its job in AMD's notebook processors in order to later be used on the desktop market. The Mobile Thoroughbred was officially presented today.

However, the processor is of course not with the one mentioned so often in the past Code names go on sale. If the Mobile Palomino was still called ' Mobile Athlon 4 ', the Mobile Thoroughbred will now have the name 'Mobile Athlon XP' known from the desktop market. The Mobile Athlon XP processor, which is based on 0.13 micron technology, is compatible with socket A and thus with the old Mobile Athlon 4. At the same time, however, it also offers a 266 MHz front-side bus option for greater data throughput. The Athlon 4 was still limited to 200 MHz FSB here. In addition, a version of the Mobile Athlon XP processor with lower power consumption and new Micro Pin Grid Array (uPGA) packaging is in the sampling stage. With this version, AMD is addressing the market for particularly thin and light notebooks. Furthermore, the Mobile Athlon XP will now also come with mobile numbers. The first deliveries of the Mobile Athlon XP processors, including the models 1400+ and 1500+, took place in the first quarter of 2002. The first notebook PCs based on the Mobile Athlon XP with the models 1600+ and 1700+ are expected for the current quarter. The following prices apply to the new processors when purchasing 1000 pieces.

Processor prices when purchasing 1000 pieces
Processor price Mobile Athlon XP (Thoroughbred) 1700+ (1 , 46 GHz) $ 489 1600+ (1.4 GHz) $ 380 1500+ (1.33 GHz) $ 250 1400+ (1.26 GHz) $ 190 Mobile Athlon 4 (Palomino) 1.2 GHz $ 190 1.1 GHz$ 175 1.0 GHz $ 150

So the new processor is not cheap. The only question that remains is when the desktop market can expect the Thoroughbred. Back then with the Palomino, the notebook market was served about five months ( see also ) earlier with the new core than that for desktop processors. We'll see if the recent rumors are right.

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