mIRC 6.0 available with multi-server support

mIRC 6.0 available with multi-server support

After a long break, a new version of the very popular chat program mIRC is available, which also offers multi-server support. This function in particular has been eagerly awaited by users of the program for a long time. Many other routines in mIRC have also been completely revised.

The result is a leaner program freed from 16-bit routines, that should build on the stability of the previous versions. In the new version, the Windows XP theme is now also used for dialog boxes and interfaces. Of course, some known bugs have also been fixed.

To use the multi-server function, all you need to do is check the 'New Server Window' checkbox. Then it is possible to establish connections to several servers in mIRC. If you want to test this function, you can visit our Quakenet-Channel ( 6667-6669) #computerbase and IRCnet-Channel ( 6665-6669) Also #computerbase, welcome.


Version 6.01 has been available since yesterday, our download now includes the current version.


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