Mini supercomputers from NEC at CeBIT

Mini supercomputers from NEC at CeBIT

NEC is showing a mini supercomputer for the 'small' budget at CeBIT in Hanover. The 45x70x70 cm SX-6i will cost around 200,000 euros. However, the SX-6i only has to get by with one high-performance SX vector processor, in contrast to the much more expensive computers from NEC.

The SX-6i does not need any crossbar switches or complex logic for interprocessor communication. Nevertheless, the SX-6i already achieves a theoretical speed of 8 GigaFLOPS (billions of floating point operations/second) with just one processor. 7.57 GFLOPS were measured in the Linpack benchmark. The memory bandwidth of the system is also enormous; in the stream benchmark, 31.9 GByte/s (Triad) were achieved, more than a Compaq AlphaServer with 32 processors. One area of ​​application for the mini supercomputer is scientific simulations.

NEC SX -6i