Microsoft with its own Napster?

Microsoft with its own Napster?

Microsoft has also recognized the possibilities of peer-to-peer file sharing, as is practiced at Napster, and now wants to develop its own system that is similar to the Napster principle.

However, the project with the code name Farsite is currently nothing more than a study.

The Farsite developers' focus is on corporate networks and want to develop a system capable of allowing around 100,000 machines connected on what the research team calls a 'serverless network' to exchange files quickly with each other.

This principle would therefore not only be limited to music, but supports the complete field of all possible files. But so far it is nothing more than a study, especially since the legal situation around Napster has not yet been clarified. In the event that the music industry gives in and thus goes along with the new media, Microsoft already has a new product up its sleeve.