Microsoft Windows Whistler has a name

Microsoft Windows Whistler has a name

Microsoft is expected to release the second beta version of Windows codenamed Whistler to beta testers on February 13th. On this day, the software giant will also hold a several-hour Whistler event, at which Bill Gates, among others, will have their say and the speculation about the name of the Windows 2000 and Windows Me successor will probably end

with almost certain certainty Windows XP will be chosen, and the usual year numbers will most likely be included. The term XP stands for eXPerienced, which translates as experienced.

The name of the Office 10, which is currently under development, will accordingly be Office XP. In order to be able to differentiate between the different versions such as Professional or Personal, Windows Personal XP or Windows Professional XP and, in the case of Office, Office Professional XP or Office Premium XP are used.