Microsoft Strategic Commander in the test: Mixture of mouse, trackball and joystick

Microsoft Strategic Commander in the test: Mixture of mouse, trackball and joystick


At first it is very unusual and laborious to navigate with the SCC. However, a few minutes of practice work wonders. The SCC is ideal in 3D real-time strategy games. Gliding over the landscapes, zooming in and out, turning back and forth succeeds without any problems. However, the extreme ease of movement of the control unit creates conflicts. So you always move the controller a little when you press the buttons. The resulting movement in the game is annoying. The problem is solved very easily if you just place your left hand very lightly on the controller. But that puts too much strain on the forearm - signs of fatigue occur.

Microsoft Strategic Commander
Microsoft Strategic Commander

Since the keys can also be programmed with relatively complicated commands, tedious procedures - once saved - are required with a simple keystroke executed. Practical: Buying troops, putting them together and forming them all in one go.

If you use the device as intended, the forearm of the left arm is loosely on the table and your hand is on the controller. Playing for hours is no problem. The material is the typical black Microsoft plastic: easy to grip, absolutely not sweaty and quite durable. The buttons have a perfect pressure point and all buttons are easy to reach. Only oneShortcoming: the SSC slides a little too much on a smooth surface. Microsoft could easily increase comfort here by using improved rubber studs.


Microsoft Strategic Commander

There is a good idea in the SideWinder Stratetic Commander, which - usual for Microsoft - is very well executed. Only the somewhat spongy, because smooth-running controls take some getting used to. For fans of the real-time strategy genre, the controller is certainly a worthwhile purchase, and by the way, it is hardly suitable for 3D shooters. However, you could use the 72 freely programmable buttons for shortcuts: shopping at Counterstrike, text messages in the battle and gun assignments. All in all, with the SideWinder Strategic Commander, Microsoft has an excellent and high-quality product on offer that ideally complements the current product range.

Microsoft Strategic Commander
  • Two meters of cable
  • Good workmanship
  • Good manual
  • Luminous buttons
  • Very good software
  • Change profiles in the game
  • Movement options
  • Poor grip on smooth surfaces

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