Microsoft releases SP1 for Office 2007

Microsoft releases SP1 for Office 2007

Microsoft today released a first service pack for its Office 2007 office suite without any major notice. As expected, the software company promises a significant increase in security, stability and performance with the update.

According to Microsoft, almost all improvements in Service Pack 1 are based on direct feedback from users and large companies as well as on indirect information from Home and office users through bug reports from the Dr. Watson. Accordingly, Microsoft was able to focus the development of the service pack on those areas that were reported most frequently by customers.

Based on information from Dr. Watson has thus solved the five most common causes of problems in any application. According to Microsoft, the SP1 also optimizes the stability of the server components in the Office system and the compatibility with Windows Server 2008. It also improves the processing of older file formats so that, for example, labels in Excel 2007 tables are not lost or accidentally moved.

In addition to other security fixes, the Office suite should also become faster with SP1. Above all, the performance of applications that often have to process very large amounts of data, such as Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint Server, should be improved.