Microsoft only had 12 days' visit from hackers

Microsoft only had 12 days' visit from hackers

As Microsoft announced today, the hackers only had access to the secret data for twelve days. Furthermore, all activities of the intruders were constantly monitored, from the first moment on.

There was no manipulation of the source code, and no download of the same took place. Nevertheless, the burglars from Oct. were in the company's internal network until October 25th, all rumors in this direction are denied by Microsoft.

The uninvited Visitors had access to the source code of a program in the beta phase, but this had not been changed. Microsoft has not announced which program it was in the meantime, but relevant circles are certain that the source code of Whistler and Office10 will be saved on separately secured servers.

The break-in probably succeeded the smuggling of a trojan (notepad worm) that spied on employees' passwords and then sent them to a Russian email address in St.Petersburg. From there, access to the company's internal network was made by logging in, disguised as an employee, using the stolen passwords. It is said that documents were then downloaded that are classified as secret.

Once again the computer world has been proven that there is no 100% protection against hackers in a network.