Microsoft Office XP in the test: The new Office version can do that

Microsoft Office XP in the test: The new Office version can do that


At CeBit, Microsoft presented Office XP, the successor to Office 2000, to the press and enthusiastic trade fair visitors for the first time in Europe. I would like to briefly report here about the new features that Office XP brings with it.

Work areas

New in Office XP are, for example, the workspaces, which can be displayed automatically as required, but also manually, on the right-hand side. These task areas contain links to various functions. If you start Word, Excel, Frontpage or Powerpoint or click on the “New Document” icon, a task area appears that offers you the most recently opened documents to open, from which you can directly create empty documents, websites and e-mails and who offers you all templates. There is also a task area that contains the Office clipboard (more on that later) and many more, mainly program-specific, task areas. In Word, for example, there is a task area that helps you create form letters - one to apply format templates directly and one that can directly translate individual words into different languages. In Powerpoint you can apply slide designs and slide layouts directly to individual or all slides.

Microsoft Office XP

Smart Tags

Another powerful feature are the smart tags. If you paste any text from the clipboard into an office program, a small icon immediately appears at the end of the pasted text. If you click on this, a context menu opens in which you can choose whether the text should keep its original formatting or that of the target document. If you copy a table from a website in Excel you can 'create an updateable web query'. This is a very powerful feature with which you can, for example, always insert the current stock exchange prices into an Excel table and use them in formulas:

Microsoft Office XP

In this example I got the current market values ​​from the Consors homepage and let Excel automatically calculate the current dollar price. Another type of smart tag is seen when entering the name of someone in the Outlook address book. With this smart tag you can insert the address of the person, send him or her an e-mail, etc. You can see another smart tag if you point to the first character of a text that has been autocorrected by Word . With this you can undo the automatic correction or switch it off completely for individual situations.

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