Microsoft now also in cell phones

Microsoft now also in cell phones

That couldn't take long. Now there is already a cell phone with an operating system from Microsoft. The Z 100 mobile phone from Sendo, which weighs only 99 grams, is the first of its kind. It cuts a fine figure with a high-resolution color TFT display (65,536 colors), the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 operating system and a wealth of functions.

Obligatory also the software, Outlook in mini format, an address book and the media player to be able to listen to MP3 songs. Small Java programs can also be run on the mobile phone. The Sendo Z 100 has 16 MByte RAM for applications and 32 MByte flash memory for a wide variety of data. The applications with which the mobile phone will be equipped will be determined by the network operator, who also has the option of adapting the appearance of the user interface. It was not possible to find out whether the Sendo Z 100 has a reset switch to restart the mobile phone if the operating system crashes.

Sendo Z 100