Microsoft asks for a delay in the cartel process

Microsoft asks for a delay in the cartel process

Microsoft has asked for a delay for the March 11th hearing in the cartel process in order to examine the amended claims of the plaintiffs. In a motion published yesterday to the responsible judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, Microsoft's lawyers wrote that they would have to question several witnesses about the consequences of the changes.

Nine states that do not agree to the compromise proposal between the software company and the United States government, changed their first submitted compromise proposal, in which Microsoft was supposed to remove Internet Explorer and the media player, for example, to sell the operating systems in a modular version, since components could then be omitted if necessary.

Meanwhile, some hearings are scheduled for today, at which the judge has to decide whether the out-of-court settlement between Microsoft and the US Government is in the public interest. Microsoft and the US government will try to prove this through testimony. Opponents of this agreement are also allowed to be heard. If the judge approves this agreement, it is assumed that no tougher sanctions will be imposed on the software manufacturer in the separate proceedings against Microsoft. The request for postponement is tactical because Microsoft hopes that the delay will mean that the judge will make a quick decision. On the other hand, the complainant nine states are currently hoping for a long hearing to make the out-of-court settlement, illuminated by the anti-trust process, look ineffective.