Micro ATX mainboards with MCP73 from MSI

Micro ATX mainboards with MCP73 from MSI

Based on Nvidia's nForce chips of the MCP73 family with integrated graphics core, MSI now has three micro-ATX mainboards with socket 775 of the new P6NGM series in its portfolio, which support the current and upcoming 45 nm processors from Intel . The offer includes the three models P6NGM-FIH, P6NGM-FD and P6NGM-L.

All models of the P6NGM Series are the full support of the latest Intel processors of the Penryn generation with up to 1,333 MHz frontside bus - MSI specifies the smallest model FSB1066 as the highest normal frontside bus and FSB1333 as 'Overclocked' - the support of up to 4 GB DDR2-800-RAM, the equipment with four S-ATA-II ports including RAID function and an 8-channel audio chip. If you need more graphics performance than the IGP solution, you can also connect an external graphics card via the PCI x16 slot. In addition, all models of the P6NGM family can be expanded using a PCI x1 Express and two standard PCI 2.3 slots. For companies, all three mainboards can also be expanded with optional TPM modules - the corresponding slot is integrated as standard.


You don't have to fear noisy chipset fans in any of the three models. Completely passively cooled, all three work absolutely noise-free. Equipped with the MCP73U chip (Nvidia GeForce 7150 and nForce 630i), the top model P6NGM-FIH offers an onboard VGA output as well as an HDMI connection with HDCP support. With the help of the included adapter, the connection can optionally also be converted from HDMI to DVI. The P6NGM-FD model with MCP73PV chipset (Nvidia GeForce 7100 and nForce 630i) offers a standard DVI and VGA connection. The cheapest variant P6NGM-L with MCP73V chipset (Nvidia GeForce7050 and nForce 610i) controls monitors exclusively via the VGA interface.

The other differences between the three models fall quite low. Only the top model offers two FireWire ports (IEEE 1394). The smallest model has to be content with eight instead of ten USB2.0 ports and also only supports RAID modes 0 and 1, while the other two models support modes 0, 1, 0 + 1 and 5. The models of the P6NGM series in micro-ATX format are now available in stores. The non-binding price recommendations are: 79 euros for the P6NGM-FIH, 59 euros for the P6NGM-FD and 49 euros for the P6NGM-L. The street prices are already now at around 66 euros for the P6NGM-FIH , around 47 euros for the P6NGM-FD and around 43 euros for the P6NGM-L significantly lower.