McKinley becomes Intel Itanium 2

McKinley becomes Intel Itanium 2

Intel today gave the newest member of the Itanium processor family, code name McKinley, the name Intel Itanium 2. The name Itanium 2 is based on the well-known brand name Itanium, which stands for servers and workstations in the high-performance sector.

The delivery of the Itanium 2 processor, which, like its predecessor, is a pure 64-bit processor, and the associated systems are planned for the middle of this year. According to Intel, the new processor design helps systems with the Itanium 2 processor achieve 1.5-2 times the performance in certain areas compared to today's systems based on the Itanium processor. By the way, the Itanium 2 processor logo is also part of the Intel Inside program.

Intel Itanium 2 Logo