Matrox showed the Parhelia in China

Matrox showed the Parhelia in China

Already yesterday, Matrox presented its future graphics chip, the Parhelia, at least to the Chinese specialist audience. Much information has not yet reached the network due to the NDA, which is valid until May 14, but there are first pictures of the 'TripleHead' technology.

The following technical data have been confirmed so far:

  • 512Bit graphics processor core
  • 0.15µm manufacturing technology
  • 80 million transistors
  • 256Bit memory bus
  • over 20GB/s memory bandwidth
  • DirectX 9 support (displacement mapping)
  • Up to 256MB DDR RAM

The next screenshots show the TripleHead technology in action. It enables the user to connect up to three monitors to the card at the same time. With the fall of the NDA on May 14th, we will certainly find out more details about the 'Matrox Parhelia'.

Matrox Parhelia Demonstration
Parhelia TripleHead Quake 3 Arena
Parhelia TripleHead Photoshop
Parhelia TripleHead FlugSim