Matrox 'Parhelia debuts May 14th

Matrox 'Parhelia debuts May 14th

After years of abstinence from the gaming sector of the graphics market, Matrox plans to announce its new 'Über' chip on May 14th. After holding the performance crown for a short time with the G400MAX in 1999, Matrox then concentrated only on the business sector.

With last year's G550, which was apparently just a failed attempt at the G800 that was actually expected, it was not even possible to set new standards in this area.

The soon to be announced 'Parhelia', too known as the G1000, it is said to have really impressive specifications. In view of the recent announcement by 3Dlabs (P10), the new ATi motto ('Crush the Force') and nVidia's announcement that the GeForce4 successor will be completely different from previous graphics chips, this should be the minimum.

ReactorCritical claims to have found out the following specifications:

Matrox Parhelia Specs

  • 4 pipelines - if not unusual
  • 4 TMUs per Pipeline - already very interesting, today's chips only offer 2 TMUs per pipe
  • DirectX 9 support - that was somehow to be expected
  • Pixel and vertex shader 2.0 - required for DirectX 9
  • Internal color depth of 40Bit - required for DirectX 9
  • Displacement Mapping - very well suited e.g. for creating landscapes
  • 4 vertex shader pipelines - today's chips offer a maximum of 2
  • 512Bit 2D core - we'll see if that is helpful
  • 256MB onboard RAM - not really surprising
  • 256Bit wide Anbin dung - seems to be part of the next generation standard
  • 2x400MHz RAMDAC - Matrox seems to be referring to old strengths here
  • AGPx8 support - see above, whether it really works?
  • approx. 80-90 million transistors - a whole lot more complex than the P10
  • Available from summer

All in allthe chip has the potential to be inherited from the G400MAX. Unfortunately, the whole thing will be a very expensive undertaking ... Many thanks to Dominik Toth for pointing this out.