Mandrake with financial problems

Mandrake with financial problems

Mandrake Software, one of the largest Linux distributors, is stuck in major financial problems despite the supposedly good development. This was announced today on the company's homepage and hopes for support from users.

The current financial situation is described as disappointing, although according to its own statements, the award-winning distribution, which is used millions of times worldwide, is a serious competitor to Unix and 'Window $' created. That you need money as quickly as possible is made clear by the sentence that says that otherwise the short-term continuation of the distribution is in danger. Until the end of the current year, without financial help, one can only survive with massive savings, since the income generated through product sales and additional support services simply does not cover expenses.

Understandably, they are reluctant to resort to these measures, especially since sales have increased dramatically since mid-2001 and the end of 2002 saw an opportunity to break into profit slip. If one could bridge this short-term financial gap, one would be optimistic about the future. Because the future prognoses look rosy according to Mandrake's words, one only has to fight with the 'sins' of the previous management.

For this reason one asks the users to join the 'Mandrake Linux Users Club' to join, in which the membership strikes at 5 US dollars per month, which would be less than the price of a visit to the cinema. The 'Corporate Club' is intended for corporate customers, to which you can count yourself from a contribution of 2,500 US dollars. The club already has 2,000 members, and if the average growth rate continues, there will be 10,000 Mandrake disciples in a year. Last but not least, one calls on theSpread the message on the Internet so that the continued existence of the distribution can be ensured.