MacBook Pro: Apple wants to bring back MagSafe and more ports

MacBook Pro: Apple wants to bring back MagSafe and more ports

According to current reports from the company and from supplier circles, Apple is planning to present the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro in the middle of the year. More than a change to their own M processors is planned: The return of MagSafe and other connections and the elimination of the Touch Bar are in the room.

Apple has the MacBook Pro 13 'with only two Thunderbolt connections already updated when the company's first notebook and desktop SoC M1 was announced in November of last year. However, the MacBook Pro 13 'with four ports and the large MacBook Pro 16' are still based on Intel. That should change in the middle of 2021, as Bloomberg based on a source in the company and the Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo withusually good contacts to suppliers report.

More powerful M processor for the MacBook Pro

Apple seems to want to replace the MacBook Pro 13 'with four Thunderbolt ports with a 14-inch variant that is being developed under the code name J314. The new 16-inch model is to be referred to internally as the J316. Common to both is the conversion from Intel CPUs to a new M processor from Apple itself, which should offer more cores and a stronger GPU than the currently used M1.

New design with flattened sides

The hardware is supposed to accommodate Apple in a newly designed case after the MacBook Pro 13 'and the MacBook Air pack the M1 in the same design as in Intel times. The newAccording to the reports, notebooks are more similar to the iPad Pro and the recently updated iPad Air (test) , so they have more flattened sides, as they have also been on the iPhone 12. The current MacBook Pro already have flat sides, but with the new generation the base is supposed to get even more and for the first time the lid will get the same design.

New displays are also to be expected. Lighter panels with better contrast are planned, which suggests the use of a panel with mini LED backlighting. Rumor has it that this technology will also find its way into the iPad Pro.

MagSafe should return

Both reports say MagSafe is returning to the MacBook Pro. MagSafe was created byApple originally introduced the MacBook Pro in January 2006 and should prevent the notebook from being torn off the table if you stumble over the charging cable. Due to the magnetic connection of the charging cable, it could easily come loose if the load was too high. MagSafe 2 followed in 2012 before the last devices with it expired in 2019. The iPhone 12 last saw a revival of the name, although it meant a completely different system with a magnetic charging puck. In the new MacBook Pro, MagSafe should again have a magnetic contact in pill form. The notebooks should also be able to charge faster via MagSafe. Apple offers current USB-C power supplies up to 96 watts, MagSafe power supplies up to 85 watts.

More connections

In addition to MagSafe, more should beConnections to the MacBook Pro return after the current notebooks only offer Thunderbolt 3 and a headphone jack. However, it is not clear from Ming-Chi Kuo's report which connections these will be. For example, earlier MacBook Pros were equipped with HDMI, USB Type A and a card reader.

Elimination of the Touch Bar

The return of old features could go hand in hand with the elimination of new features. The Touch Bar introduced with the 2016 MacBook Pro could be phased out by Apple. According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing variants of the new MacBook Pro that use a series of physical buttons instead of the Touch Bar. Ming-Chi Kuo is clearly committed and reports that the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro is no longer used.