Lots of news from Logitech

Lots of news from Logitech

At the start of CeBit, industry leader Logitech presented a whole range of new input devices which, in addition to the home computer, are now also equipping the Palm with better operating elements for the first time. The innovations for the PC include the Cordless Presenter or the Cordless TrackMan Optical.

The first-mentioned product in particular stands out clearly from the previous ones. With the Cordless Presenter, Logitech has developed a device that combines three functionalities: Bluetooth presenter, optical mouse and laser pointer. The cordless presenter is ideally suited for all users who use their notebook as a presentation medium, but also for the mobile workplace and do not want to carry around two devices (presenter and mouse). The Logitech Cordless Presenter communicates via Bluetooth wireless technology with a receiver the size of a car key, which is connected to the PC or notebook via the USB port. The data transfer is bidirectional, i.e. the PC also forwards data to the presenter, e.g. a warning about the battery life. The PC or notebook itself does not have to be Bluetooth-enabled and does not have to have a Bluetooth card. The Bluetooth wireless technology grants the presenter wireless freedom of up to ten meters around his notebook. With the help of two large buttons, the user can easily move back and forth in his presentation.

An additional useful feature is the integrated laser pointer, which can be used to highlight key theses. It is easily activated using the trigger at the bottom of the cordless presenter. The cordless presenter can be converted into an accurately working optical mouse using a switch on the underside. The forward and back buttons function as usual mouse buttons and the touch-scroll buttons in the middle allow the user to move quickly through documents.

The Logitech Cordless Presenter comes with two standard alkaline batteries (AA). A set of batteries lasts 60-100 hours, depending on the load. The life of the batteries can be extended by moving the switch at the bottom of the device to the 'Off' position whenever the cordless presenter is not in use. An LED display warns the user in good time before the batteries are empty. The Cordless Presenter will be available in stores from April at a price of 249 euros.

Other new products include the Cordless TrackMan Optical (PC), which will be available from June at a price of around 69 euros, and the TypeAway keyboard and the KeyCase foldable textile keyboard for the Palm. The TypeAway pocket-sized foldable aluminum keyboard will be available in stores from April 2002 for 129 euros. For the textile version, on the other hand, you have to put 150 euros on the table. The product will be available in stores this month.

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