Longhorn supports AMD-64 processors

Longhorn supports AMD-64 processors

The first indications of support for the upcoming AMD-64 processors in Microsoft's next-generation Longhorn operating system are already emerging. Among other things, information was found in the NTLDR file, an important file for the Windows NT boot process.

Here is an excerpt from the NTLDR file, in which references to the AMD-64 were found:


1 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64

7 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64lang

8 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64lang

9 =% cdname%, % cdtagfilea% ,, amd64lang

10 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64lang

11 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64

12 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64

13 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64

14 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64

15 =% cdname%,% cdtagfilea% ,, amd64

On the one hand, Longhorn's support of the AMD-64 processors is nothing really unexpected, on the other hand, Longhorn will of course also be supported for Intel's Itanium-64 processors. On the other hand, AMD attaches great importance to this support, since without it the new CPU would not be successful due to a lack of support from the software and hardware industry.