Logitech with new mice

Logitech with new mice

Logitech is now offering a new cordless mouse for the home desktop, and a new model with a cord has also been developed for mobile notebook owners. Both mice have two optical sensors, a new development from Logitech.

The Cordless Optical Mouse is the next of the optical mice at Logitech. Equipped with two optical sensors, each with 800 dpi resolution, the new model should enable precise work. The mouse is symmetrically shaped, so it is suitable for both left and right-handers. The batteries of the cordless mouse should work for several months thanks to energy-saving technology. The three-button mouse with scroll wheel is connected to the computer via a USB port. The second new model is the Mouseman Traveler, a two-button mouse with scroll wheel and metal housing that is connected to the USB port with a cable or to the PS/2 port with an adapter. This model is also suitable for left and right-handers due to its symmetrical housing. A five-year guarantee is given on both models, the devices are now available in stores.

Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse
Logitech Mouseman Traveler