Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP put to the test: the steering wheel for hobby racing drivers

Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP put to the test: the steering wheel for hobby racing drivers

The test course

In order to be able to assess the strength of the effects, the test course referred to the games Rally Championship 2000, Nascar 2000, Need for Speed ​​4, Grand Prix 3 and Driver. Since the steering wheel allows a steering angle of only 90 degrees to the left and right, steering the car is not a problem in any of the games, as neither the steering is too sharp or too slack, so that you cannot take your hands off the steering wheel when the steering wheel is fully turned has to solve.

The racing simulations Grand Prix 3, Nascar 2000 and Need for Speed ​​4 conveyed the condition of various surfaces well and were also used to find out how well a vehicle can be controlled with the steering wheel and pedals. For example, the steering wheel reacts immediately to the changing surface, be it the grass or the rain. A nice effect is also a defective tire, which you can feel very quickly on the steering wheel.

With Driver, the behavior of a soft-sprung American sled is very well imitated and the load changes of the vehicle are accordingly good at fast Steering movements mimicked. The absolute highlight, however, is Rally Championship 2000, in no other game you can feel the effects so strongly and real. And in contrast to the others, you don't drive laps, you drive real routes. Here, the cornering forces and the various surfaces such as gravel, grass, asphalt, mud and snow can be experienced very well: Even bumps, potholes and curbs are a real pleasure.

The Formula Force GP mastered this test without any problems, the implementation of the strength of the effects and powers are fabulous and convey a realistic driving experience, merelyWith Need 4 Speed, the steering looks a bit too spongy, but this can also be due to a poor setting. The pedals were also convincing in the races, they are easy to use even with size 47 shoes, but because of their low weight they tend to slip easily on smooth ground (parquet) when 'stepping on' the pedal unit, which is not the case when accelerating or braking is. Even after hours of driving excessively, you don't get any cramps in your hands, which is not due to an involuntary massage of the forearms by the vibrations, but much more to the ergonomic design and the clever attachment of the buttons. Only tightening the knurled screws, which have to be retightened every now and then, so that the steering wheel has a firm hold on the table again after prolonged jolting attacks, is insufficient from an ergonomic point of view, the Wingman Formula Force GP still needs improvement on this point, because There are more pleasant mounting methods.


All in all, the Wingman Formula Force GP is a successful force feedback steering wheel. Despite the low price, there is no need to hide from the more expensive competitors.

Logitech Wingman Formula Force
  • Low price
  • very ergonomic
  • fabulous power effects
  • quick assembly
  • compact dimensions
  • USB connection
  • Good driver software
  • does not cover the monitor image
  • Tends to slip on thin and smooth table tops (e.g. glass)
  • Steering wheel does not height adjustable
  • Knurled screws

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