Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP put to the test: the steering wheel for amateur racing drivers

Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP put to the test: the steering wheel for amateur racing drivers


Which virtual racing driver does not know these situations? As soon as you get off the road, the handling of the car becomes the purest acrobatics exercise on the keyboard, be it gravel, mud or snow, these situations can hardly be mastered with a simple joystick or the keyboard, it is hardly possible to give a well-dosed gas to steer and brake. A steering wheel is needed, but at the latest when the road surface changes, you are faced with the same situation again: You just don't feel the forces acting on the car.

A force feedback steering wheel is needed. But which one? The selection is large and the price range is just as large. The decision was not difficult, because who likes to buy a device that only has one connection for the game port, is incompatible with certain hardware or is only supported by a handful of games? Based on the good experience with the Logitech Wingman Force, the choice fell on the Wingman Formula Force GP

The Formula Force GP

For a mere 209 DM you get a black plastic steering wheel with red handles which, even though it's only made of plastic, looks like it was taken from a GT class sports car. At the latest when you have put your hands around the steering wheel, you realize that it not only looks beautiful, but is very comfortable. The rocker switches can be reached in any position without twisting, as are the two upper buttons. To use the two lower buttons, you only have to take your thumb out of the recessed grip. All buttons are cleverly placed to avoid accidentally pressing them while running. Whoever designed this steering wheelmust have been an absolute enthusiast himself!

Front view
page view

The pedal unit is fantastic too. Due to the special suspension of the pedals, it makes you feel like you have a sports car under your feet.

Pedals from above ...
... and from the side

What really counts, however, is not the theory, but how the steering wheel behaves when playing.

Actually, it shouldn't be a problem to attach the steering wheel to the table, since the console that is attached to the table is only 25 cm wide and only 16 cm deep (the whole apparatus is also 25cm, i.e. the exact steering wheel diameter). However, this assumption can prove to be a mistake if you have a glass-topped desk. Because even with the supplied clamps, which can be attached to the brackets especially for thinner documents, a fixed installation is impossible, as rubber feet or felt are missing and the steering wheel slides back and forth. However, this is not a problem on normal desks.

Since the power connection, the USB connection and the connection to the pedal unit are generously designed with a cable length of around 170cm, there are no problems with cables that are too short. The steering wheel is designed in such a way that, unlike other products, it does not obscure the free view of the monitor, but you cannot adjust the inclination of the steering wheel either.

As is the case with themost USB products, the steering wheel can be installed very easily, the tried and tested Wingman software in the latest edition does the rest. The race can begin.

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