Logitech MX500/MX700 put to the test: The future of Logitech begins today

Logitech MX500/MX700 put to the test: The future of Logitech begins today


It is actually not difficult to draw a conclusion. Both mice are convincing across the board. They are ergonomically well thought out and technically both devices have left the teething troubles of the first generation optical mice completely behind them.

The scanning is excellent on all tested surfaces, apart from the uniformly red base. With the MX technology, Logitech has done a lot of engineering work and achieved a complete success. Although it has to be said in a fair way that other manufacturers also achieve comparable results with their new technologies.

Logitech has also solved the wireless technology of the MX700 very well. With a transmission speed that should correspond to that of a wired mouse, the receiving station does not miss the slightest movement of the mouse. Unfortunately, this is clearly at the expense of battery life. However, as long as one battery charge is enough for a good 2 days, this is no cause for concern and the fact that standard R6 batteries are used makes the running costs of the MX700 very manageable.

If you want to enjoy wireless freedom , will certainly be able to live with the small inconveniences. Everyone else isI warmly recommend the MX500. On the one hand, the scanning of the surface is a touch better, on the other hand, you not only save around 25 € on the purchase, but also have a mouse that is always ready for use '>

Logitech MX500
  • good design
  • excellent tracing on all surfaces
  • unfortunately only for right-handers

Logitech MX700
  • good design
  • excellent scanning on all surfaces
  • wireless
  • charging cradle
  • only for right-handers
  • Batteries empty a little too quickly

Both mice, both the MX500 as well as the MX700, we can recommend without hesitation. However, everyone has to make the decision for themselves whether with or without a cable. Whether as a Christmas present or for your own PC, the MX500 and MX700 are guaranteed not to be a bad investment and thus get our hardware hammer.

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