Logitech MX500/MX700 put to the test: The future of Logitech begins today

Logitech MX500/MX700 put to the test: The future of Logitech begins today

Design and ergonomics

The design of the two mice immediately catches the eye and is somewhat reminiscent of the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. The chosen colors are particularly elegant. The MX500 is eye-catching with elegant matt black, the silver-colored middle part of the mouse also has a classy mother-of-pearl effect. The MX700 looks cooler, simpler and more straightforward, but no less elegant. A smooth, matte dark blue and, as a contrast, a matte silver middle section look modern and functional.

Ergonomically shaped, both mice are immediately optimally in the hand, all 8 buttons and the mouse wheel are easily accessible at all times, even with small hands . The middle part, pressed in one piece, merges seamlessly into the left and right mouse button, so that there is no transition joint where unsightly dirt can collect. On the one hand, the low weight of both mice makes working with them a real pleasure and probably also contributes greatly to their good gliding ability. On the other hand, the weight is high enough to ensure good handling.

MX 500 and MX 700 next to each other byLeft
DSC02941MX 500 and MX 700 side by side from above

The 8 buttons are really practical. In addition to the two normal mouse buttons and the indispensable scroll wheel, which also functions as a middle mouse button, Logitech has given the two mice two thumb buttons. The standard function is scrolling forwards and backwards on Internet Explorer. One can be divided about the standard function of the 3 other buttons. Above and below the scroll wheel there is a button that has the same function as the scroll wheel itself. However, the scroll wheel is already very precise, which should actually make these two buttons superfluous. Underneath there is another button with which you can switch between several active programs. Someone who works with a large number of applications at the same time will surely find his dreams come true in this function, but we were unable to derive much benefit from this key.

All in all, the keys are very successful. They are neither too soft nor too hard, the pressure point is clearly defined on all keys. The processing quality is, typical for Logitech, excellent, nothing rattles or wobbles and the whole mouse makes a very solid impression. The matte surface is also a bit dull, which also gives the mouse a good grip in the hand. So we don't want to put these mice down anytime soon.

MX 500 and MX 700 side by side from the right
MX 500 and MX700 from below

But what would they all bethe hymns of praise, if we didn't have something to complain about here either. As with almost all ergonomically shaped mice, left-handed people look into the tube. Logitech unfortunately only offers the MX500 and MX700 as right-handed models. Left-handers who do not want to do without MX technology are better off using the symmetrical MX300. Even if we did not test the MX300, the technical specifications are similar to those of the MX500 and MX700. The design corresponds roughly to the old 'Logitech Wheelmouse Optical' and is therefore suitable for left and right-handers. Unfortunately you have to do without the two thumb noses on the MX300.

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