Logitech MX500/MX700 put to the test: The future of Logitech begins today

Logitech MX500/MX700 put to the test: The future of Logitech begins today


With the new MX series, Logitech heralds a new design era for its mice. In the past, Logitech mice were always plain and simple, but of excellent workmanship, extraordinary robustness and very good technical data. Logitech was raised from the shadowy existence of an insider tip to the Olympus of mice some time ago. With the new design, Logitech is breaking new ground for the first time and a lot has happened under the plastic shell. For better or for worse? We wanted to find out and put the two top products MX500 and MX700 through their paces.

Package contents

Both mice reached us in the usual green and white Logitech packaging. Nothing exciting, as Logitech has been using this form of packaging for years, and we are interested in the content and not the box.

Logitech MX500
Package contents of the MX700

In addition to the mouse, both packages contain a USB-PS/2 adapter,a driver CD for Windows and MacOS, a 16-language manual in the form of a CD booklet and an advertising flyer about other Logitech products. The MX700 is the only wireless model in the test that contains a charging cradle, a power supply unit and two commercially available NiMH batteries of type R6 (AA), each with a capacity of 1700mAh, which should guarantee a very long runtime.

Both mice next to each other
MX 500 box
MX 700 box
MX 500 - packaging slip
MX 700 - package insert

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