Logitech iFeel MouseMan in the test: The first mouse with force feedback

Logitech iFeel MouseMan in the test: The first mouse with force feedback


The number of games that ForceFeedback or the iFeel mouse from Logitech support is not very large, but will increase quickly when the game companies recognize the potential behind them. The Logitech iFeel MouseMan and the small iFeel Mouse are just the beginning of a whole new series of mice and as soon as enough interests have been found, more and more games with iFeel support will follow. As things stand now, the Logitech iFeel shouldn't just be bought because of the vibration function. Rather, you should buy it because, in addition to excellent workmanship, it offers very good sliding properties when moving. With a price of 129DM it is only 20DM more expensive than the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer or the Logitech Optical MouseMan Wheel, both of which convey the mouse movement optically. For the smaller budget there is also the Logitech iFeel Mouse, which with a price of 89DM is about the same as the Microsoft IntelliEye.

In summary, the functions offered are very good and the price/performance ratio one to rate well.

Logitech iFeel MouseMan
  • optical scanning
  • very ergonomic
  • very gentle movements possible
  • very light
  • low degree of soiling
  • good software
  • USB connection
  • not cheap
  • iFeel effect is only supported by a few games and programs

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